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  2. Full Moon - Winter Solstice Yoga and Meditation Workshop

    By Julia Sakh
    Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (Amritnam Sarovar)
    YIC S Vyasa.

    December 22nd from 3PM till 7PM.

    In this workshop, will be covered
    - asasnas for perfect body alignment
    - kriyas for energizing the body (surya kriya)
    - balancing and purifying pranayamas
    - powerful relaxation techniques, including cyclic meditation and mind sound resonance technique
    - unique meditations of kundalini yoga from Yogi Bhajan
    - connection to the higher self through the vibration of sound, Shabd japa
    - trataka meditation.

  3. Peepletree Art Gallery is excited to present "Monsoon Magic", a pop-up exhibition featuring a range of handcrafted items, as well as artisanal food items and delicious homebaked cakes, pies and other treats. 

    We also have new work and paintings in the gallery, as well as a range of new potted plants in our garden nursery, all available for sale.
    Handmade and handcrafted artifacts carry the unique touch of each maker, and we are happy to bring together, a group of very talented ladies making a variety of products ranging from linens to pottery and ceramic ware, to decoupage home decor items, artisanal jams, jellies and preserves, handmade jewelry and bags and organizers.
    Monsoon Magic features the following labels:
    Artfully Yours - stunning ceramics and pottery
    Florals on White - a very beautiful range of linens (from tablecloths to bed linens)
    Decoupage by Swarup - a lovely range of very pretty decoupaged artifacts for your home 
    Bags of Joy - pretty bags and organizers to keep you organized 
    Rosalind - a fashion label specializing in handcrafted jewelry with a boho touch
    Big Bad Wolf - delicious homemade jams, jellies and preserves
    Come visit! Grab yourself some of the very lovely products, checkout the new artwork, buy a plant and treat yorself to some yummy cupcakes, pies and brownies, all in a lovely garden setting.
    Save the date! August 3rd, Friday, 2018.

  4. 'Monsoon Magic' in photos