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  1.  Planning of routes for my motorcycle rides 

     I need your advice! 

  2. Usually I plan rides on google maps. All of them were excellent, but sometimes s*** happens, like this time. I was planning for a nice off-road ride parallel to Kaveri river between Muthathi and Mekedatu (16 km). We started from Muthathi, but our journey was aborted by check-post (GPS 12.28294,77.35523). The security guy didn't allow us to go ahead. He told us that we can try to go on this road from the other side – Mekedatu till Galibore Fishing Camp (permamently closed now). We rode only 5.4 km one way, then we turned back. Anyway it was an amazing, ogasmic off-road ride. 

  3. So, may be someone knows the situation – if it is possible to ride on this scenic road from Mekedatu, at least till the closed fishing camp?

    If you happen to know, share your information, please! My email: aigars[at]discovering[dot]lv or snorke[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. Photos of this off-roading.


     My statistics 

    Since Feb. 2011 I done 85000+ km in India on motorcycle and explored this part.  (Data till Nov. 2016)

    One day rides – 92

    Two day rides – 16

    Three to four days – 16

    Five to eleven days – 6

    Longest one day route – Bangalore-Pune. First 200 km on wet highway and big part of it under the rain.

    Longest one day ride – 420 km including off-roads.

    Most hair-pin bended route – Kolli Hills


  5.  The Escape Road 

    I am very interested to explore this road. About one thing I am quite sure – we need permission to go there because it should be closed. There is some National Park or something similar. There are also habitat of dangerous animals I guess. Am I right? And I need real off-road bike which I am planning to buy soon. 

    "The Kodaikanal–Munnar Road (old SH-18) was located in Dindigul District and Theni District of Tamil Nadu and Idukki district of Kerala in South India. It covers 81 kilometers (50 mi) from Kodaikanal to Munnar. The road was improved by the British in 1942 as an evacuation route in preparation for a possible Japanese invasion of South India. With a maximum elevation of 2,480 meters (8,140 ft) just south of Vandaravu Peak, it was among the highest roads in India, south of the Himalayas, prior to its closure in 1990." More information and photos on Wikipedia.

    I made some "home work". This is the route on google maps in 'walking' mode. Next, I combined old map from wikipedia with google map:

  6. But why not extend this journey to Valparai-Munnar-Kodaikanal?!

    If you happen to know, share your information, please! My email: aigars[at]discovering[dot]lv or snorke[at]gmail[dot]com


  7.  Kaveri loop 1 

    Here is another off-road adventure I am intrested – to explore right Kaveri riverbank. On google satellite image we can see that there is trails next to the river. I have the same questions – are they close? Tigers and other non-vegetarians? Any ideas?

  8. This piece of that area is an example. I made draving of existing path.

    Video presentation:


  9. This is small preview of all area. High resolution image is here.


  10. One more question. Does Nagamaral-Pannavadi ferry line really exist? See on google map.


  11.  Kaveri loop 2 

    I am planning to do the same as above on other riverbank of Kaveri river. The same area from Mekedatu till Hogenakkal waterfalls.


  12.  Is it bridge there? 

    I am wondering is it bridge there (google map)? Or it is just google maps glitch?

  13. .

  14.  Some 'home videos' from my rides 

    • India Independence Day ride 2016.  2:51

    • India Independence Day ride 2014.  2:18 

    • Trip to Goa. December, 2013. 17:07

    • Klāvs in India I. Approx. in the middle of the movie our motorcycle jorney begins. Five days. Bangalore-Kodaikanal-Munnar-Allepy-Kochin-Coonoor-Ooty-Mysore-Bangalore. Movie haven't sound track because Youtube blocked it for copyright reason. 32:01

    • Klāvs in India II. Ride continuous. 24:05

    • Four days ride. Bangalore-Ooty-Wayanad-Bangalore. 15:32

    • Bikers' shower. 1:30

    On the way to work 20+ minutescompressed into 2:46. Saturday morning, no traffic.

  15. .

    If you happen to know, share your information, please!

    My email: aigars[at]discovering[dot]lv or snorke[at]gmail[dot]com

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