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  1.  video editing services 

    Hello Fellow Bikers!

    Are you passionate about not only your bike, but also about recording your rides with your GoPro (or other camera)?
    Do you
    a) not have the time
    b) not have the resources/skills
    to turn such footage into a memorable content?

    If so, here is an offer for you!
    We can edit your footage and turn it into a movie, something to keep and cherish and watch and share with your friends.

    Our offer includes making of 3 versions of your movie:
    1. Original length
    2. 6 minute version, the length considered to be most optimum for most viewers
    3. 1 minute - the "teaser" option, which can even be uploaded on Instagram
  2. January, 2018. This year I started with amazing ride and made film about it.
    And happened what I couldn't imagine even in my dreams. Film had 2.9K views on Facebook in 1 day. In 2 days – 4+K.

  3.  example 1 

    It is 31 minutes long full movie I made from over 650 shots.
    Full movie most probably will be interesting only for you and fellow riders and people who know you.
    This video filming/editing project wasn't a payed job. I went for the ride together with my friends, so I didn't take filming too seriously. Few shots were done by my wife who was the pillion. I used Nikon D750 DSLR with three lenses – f from 12 to 200 mm.

  4. This is short version (6 minutes).
    Six minutes is considered by scientific marketing research to be optimum since studies have shown that maximum 6 minutes long films are attractive for general audience. After seeing this, probably they will wish to see full length too.

  5. This is the third and the shortest version – Teaser/Trailer.
    Its generally shows what your movie is about. And it is the perfect video to upload to your Instagram account (max. length on Instagram is 1 minute) and thus attract bigger audience to see your full or 6 minutes long versions.

  6.  example 2 

    This is another example – Film 'Dirt Forever I'.
    It is a 5 minutes long full version, so not too many films shot during the ride. 90-95% of captures are made with Nikon D750 camera with Nikkor 50/1.4 lense. Other shots are taken with mobile phone and digital compac camera.

  7. One minute long Teaser 'Dirt Forever I'

  8.  updates   
    I am working on one project right now. Check for update later, I will upload it when it will be done.

    Done! It is only one 14 minutes long version.

  9.  additional info   
    We can use only free music, not protected by copyrights if you want to upload your movie to Youtube and Facebook. They check it and they will block (on Youtube) or not allow to publish (on Facebook), if they find soundtracks that have been used which are not free. You can find free music on internet, for example on Youtube free music library. Of course it is not music from top music charts worldwide, but anyway you can find nice tracks to accompany your video and add mood to it.

  10.  contact info  
    You can email me to  aigars (at) peepletree (dot) in